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Show Kids Jesus’ Miracles Will Pull Us Through Kids are feeling a lot of emotions right now. At first maybe they were a little excited to be on an extended break from school. But now the boredom, the anxiety, the fear, the loneliness, and so many other emotions are setting in. This all-new, FREE video series, Empowering Courageous Kids: Explore How Jesus’ Power Pulls Us Through, will encourage kids and their families–and turn negative emotions into ones of empowerment and thankfulness. Using Jesus’ miracles as the foundation, these video-based lessons will be engaging and interactive, inviting kids and their families to actually participate and learn together. During this time of crisis, we will provide one new lesson each week, taught by one of our expert children’s leaders. You can simply share the link to the videos with your families, or you can download the included script and film yourself teaching the lesson. It’s up to you!

Bible App for Kids: Interactive Audio & Stories
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